Alumna of the Year, USU

Steve and I married after my freshman year … he supported me through a Bachelor’s Degree and our two kids future Aggies joined the family, a Master’s Degree, and learning to navigate student life as a blind woman.

What an amazing day to celebrate so much! So grateful! Go Aggies! Thanks for your amazing support in giving me the tools to take on my dreams!

Halftime at the football game. Drenched with gratitude.


A few weeks ago I received a surprise call that I had been selected as the Alumna of the Year from Utah State University. What? I think you might have the wrong number may have been my first response.

Since that time, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my memories at Utah State University. At every stage in my life, there are memories connected to USU – Go AGGIES!

As a little girl, at the end of the day there were days we would go pick up my dad from his office. I would tip toe through the shrubs that separated the sidewalk and his window of the USU Merrill Library and reach high to knock on his window so he knew we were there. He greeted me with a big smile and then a few minutes later would come around the corner out the door. USU represented a happy place :). My mom completed her bachelor and master’s degrees while I was growing up from Utah State. I watched her tenacity and her love of learning as she navigated juggling college / working with a busy family. USU represented a place to learn – to grow – to expand – many opportunities.

And of course – so many great memories of sitting on a bench or the Quad with some Aggie Ice Cream! Lots of fun times cheering on the Aggies in football and basketball, too.

Family picture near the time we moved to Logan.

The summer before my freshman year I met a fun Aggie guy — Steve Andrews. We became good friends and enjoyed meeting between classes in the college of business. He was just a good friend I would tell my mom. In time I recognized that I was falling in love with this good friend :).

To be continued …