Day One – San Diego to Alpine, CA.

After dipping the back wheel in the pacific ocean and then getting our group picture we were off! Suddenly, we were doing the bucket list item we had prepared for many months. It seemed a bit surreal as we started off! The first miles were recognizable places cycling through as we had visited Natalie many times in the San Diego area. Many of the first miles were on trails and it was just so fun! Our first SAG stop was at a beautiful rest stop in the mountains a bit. I needed to go to the restroom and one of the other ladies in the group offered her elbow. At that moment I knew we were going to be just fine! We stopped for lunch at an amazing Taco place. Steve had a shrimp burrito and I had a chicken taco. Amazing! We arrived at Alpine, CA to our beautiful hotel. I needed some new sunglasses so we walked over to the CVS. As we were walking over there Kendall called to tell us the Utah State Aggies had won the basketball tournament. Yay this really was a great day!! Dinner / bed time and back on the bike in the morning!