Introductions – Our Team

Introductions – Becky sharing that we are so excited to start this bucket list item!

Friday we arrived to check in at the beautiful Ocean Villa across the street from the Beach / Pacific Ocean! Meetings started at 12 and we enjoyed learning a lot from Bubba and the staff of what is to come. We all introduced ourselves! Such an incredible group … Let’s do this!

Steve introducing in his red/white stripe shirt that has been a part of his wardrobe for years and so many travels!! Its tradition that it goes now!

Meeting everyone was fun as we introduced ourselves. Luckily we all wear bright safety vests with our names on the front and back every day so names weren’t a problem. We quickly found out we were the rookies of the group. They all have been riding week long and month long rides some for decades. They have ridden across the country and europe. A whole new cycling world has opened up. We are collecting info and are excited to enter this world of cycling the world. Everyone was very nice and excited to meet each other.


Happy New Year! Time in St George always gives me such clarity. As I think about a word for 2020, CULTIVATE / CREATE keep coming to mind. Cultivate gratitude – cultivate connections – cultivate growth (personally, professionally), cultivate adventures – cultivate love, cultivate kindness … ❤️

What do you want to cultivate today?

In gratitude

Today we spent the day assembling furniture, organizing our additional office space, shopping, cleaning and getting Suite 6 of Resilient Solutions, Inc ready! After fourteen years, it is time once again to expand. I found myself reflecting on my conversation as an applicant for the MSW Program 15 years ago. He had indicated that he was concerned about my abilities to succeed in this profession. How did I think I could do that without vision – eye contact, etc. I was not accepted into the program. I was determined and sought out another master’s program/path that led me to become a Licensed Clinical Mental Health counselor and achieve my dream.

Now, 15 years later what I want to say to him is:

Dear (Director of SW Program),

As we are expanding our office, I have been reflecting on the day when you questioned my capabilities as a therapist. I want to say thank you. Your questioning my abilities led me to a stronger resolve and determination that I could do this work. I knew that you would not deter me from this dream. I recognized on that day that your lack of education of what a woman who is blind can do in this profession is unfounded. It was a strong resolve and determination that said on the bus ride home — I don’t need to believe him. (I still hoped that I would be accepted into the program yet wasn’t surprised when I wasn’t.)

However, that disappointment galvanized my determination to FIND A WAY to achieve my dreams. I pursued another pathway that led me to a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and then to a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

For the past 14 years my private practice at Resilient Solutions, Inc has grown from me and another therapist to 16 therapists. Throughout the years, at times your voice has crept in my mind — yet there is a stronger voice that says – You CAN do this!

Thank you for helping me to build that stronger voice that says — YOU CAN DO THIS!! It will take a lot of work – you can do it. Believe in your dreams. A setback paves the way for a comeback (Evander Holyfield) is a quote I love. And another one that resonates: As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better. – Steve Maraboli

Thank you for helping me learn this lesson again. I recognize I am a passionate, grateful therapist because it didn’t come easy. I lean in and listen because you are correct I don’t make eye contact.

I walk inside the doors of our office grateful for the opportunity and privilege to work with clients and to see the power of healing in their lives.

I am full and not taking new clients at this time. My clients don’t seem to be concerned that I am blind. The conversation generally goes something like this — I am blind and that is my guide dog in the corner of the room. Now, tell me what brings you here today.

In gratitude,

Becky Andrews, LCMHC

Resilient Solutions, Inc.

A Pedal at a time

We have started officially ‘training’ for our Coast 2 Coast Bike Ride. Right now, it includes an hour of time on the bike, some core exercises, some running and walking.

We spent a few days in St. George and were able to get on the tandem and ride 12 miles on Thursday, 25 miles on Friday and 57 miles on Saturday as part of the Tour of St. George. It felt so great! As we cycled out in the country we talked a lot about our upcoming adventure of experiencing our beautiful country in such a new way!

Coming up on four months to prepare. Lots to do to prepare ourselves physically – leave our home – our businesses.

WE GOT THIS!! Making a dream happen!!


Recently I received an email that meant so much. They were reading my book: Look up, move forward. We both have the same eye condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa. She said: “Reading your book … it feels like your words – and your feelings are mine. I can so relate to what you are sharing. I am inviting my family to read your book so they can understand.” Pam from VT

She quoted this excerpt from my book that had helped her:

“Those few moments on the porch mark the foundation of many lessons I draw upon. Most importantly, I learned that I could find strength when it seemed lost. I learned that my reserved were there when I needed them, and that I could choose courage and joy, even when it was difficult. I, of course, could get caught in the story of the challenges of my eye condition, but equally possible, and dramatically more desirable, was working through my emotions until I arrived at a place of determination.”

Thank you Pam! The power of connection to know we are not alone in our journey helps us so much.

The chapter begins with a favorite quote:

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. — Elisabeth Kubler Ross


A few weeks ago I received a surprise call that I had been selected as the Alumna of the Year from Utah State University. What? I think you might have the wrong number may have been my first response.

Since that time, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my memories at Utah State University. At every stage in my life, there are memories connected to USU – Go AGGIES!

As a little girl, at the end of the day there were days we would go pick up my dad from his office. I would tip toe through the shrubs that separated the sidewalk and his window of the USU Merrill Library and reach high to knock on his window so he knew we were there. He greeted me with a big smile and then a few minutes later would come around the corner out the door. USU represented a happy place :). My mom completed her bachelor and master’s degrees while I was growing up from Utah State. I watched her tenacity and her love of learning as she navigated juggling college / working with a busy family. USU represented a place to learn – to grow – to expand – many opportunities.

And of course – so many great memories of sitting on a bench or the Quad with some Aggie Ice Cream! Lots of fun times cheering on the Aggies in football and basketball, too.

Family picture near the time we moved to Logan.

The summer before my freshman year I met a fun Aggie guy — Steve Andrews. We became good friends and enjoyed meeting between classes in the college of business. He was just a good friend I would tell my mom. In time I recognized that I was falling in love with this good friend :).

To be continued …