Day Four, Calexico to Yuma, AZ

Today absolutely sucked so bad it was awesome to just complete it. Long sustained up hill and rain rain rain. Then it kept raining. Did I mention it rained? Decent shoulder on the roads except in spots that were scary. Big trucks, rain and no shoulder to ride on was part of the rough day. You are probably thinking no shoulder to cry on. Quit whining and ride. We had no choice so we peddled on. Rain gear held up and didn’t keep us dry (nothing would) but the combination of peddling and the rain gear we were reasonably warm. That made it tolerable. After 4 plus hours of rain it seemed to let up. Sun came out, clouds broke up so now we were hot and sagged the rain gear at the sag station meaning they took it only to be seen that night at camp or in this case an armory. We had lunch at a place some guy declared the Center of the World and put up a huge monument the size of a football field to declare such. I guess if you live in the middle of nowhere a positive way to deal with that is to declare it the Center of the World. Same thing, different spin. The roads today were super rough as the asphalt gets hot and expands and contracts over time cracking up into honeycombs then all the cracks expand upward making the roads extremely bumpy. Since we were on shoulders and less traveled roads where maintenance wasn’t a priority we got shook up pretty bad for a good part of the day. Luckily that wasn’t during the rainy part of the day. We were good for a couple hours then the clouds regathered and dumped hard rain. Even though it was mid to late afternoon it got dark because the clouds got serious. Since they don’t get big rain storms that often in Arizona they don’t really prepare that well so the roads began flooding. It’s also an agricultural mecca so there are constant big trucks driving in and out of the fields harvesting and doing all they do. This turned the roads into muddy messes forcing us to mingle with the cars and trucks in the dark. We got splashed so much we quit feeling it. I remember seeing a truck just flood splash the cyclists in front of us saying to Becky that sucked while we both realized we were getting it just as bad. As the day went on we were cold without proper gear and still not close to our destination. We stopped to look at our soggy unreadable map to figure out were we were and needed to go. Did I mention it was pouring rain. Just then Rick Ski from our group came up. He said he knew the way so we got behind him and followed him threw the dark, super busy traffic, muddy, flooding road to the Armory. We were so happy to see that Armory. We thanked Rick Ski the rest of the trip as our hero of that day. We were on the right track but it was awesome to not be alone through all that crap with people honking at us and the cars that were veering into oncoming traffic avoiding us and have the confidence of a steady rider in front of us to get there together. I will always be grateful to Rick Ski.