On our way to San Diego!

Immediately after staff meeting on Thursday, March 5th we left to start this ride! We rented a van to take everything to San Diego, CA including our tandem bike that fit nicely – thankfully without having to take the wheels off in the Dodge Caravan. We needed to be to San Diego by the next day before 11 AM. We got on the rode – hoping we had remembered everything both in leaving our house /business for almost two months and had with us everything we would need for this adventure! My mom was riding with us to St. George so it was nice to get to visit with her on the ride down. We stopped in to drop her off and check on our house in St. George before continuing on the drive. We hoped to make it a few hours out of San Diego, CA. Steve was feeling good and we continued on making it to Temecula, CA! What a day! We would only have an hour left to go the next morning.

So much to think about and questions were creeping in — could we do this? Were we really going to cycle across the country!! We had talked so long and prepared so much for doing this and now here we were!!

This was a culmination of massive preparation. Fulfilling equipment checklists, food we like to eat while cycling took up one of the seven duffle and luggage bags we had. One duffle full of bike equipment, Extra tubes, tires, chains, tools, cleaning and lube, etc. Another full bag for my biking clothes, another for Becky’s, Then another each for our after cycling clothes, One huge one for bedding when we camp and then camping supplies. Some stuff we hope to never have to use such as dog spray and other stuff we will have to replenish along the way. Ready or not here we go! Super Excited!!!!!!