Next Step: Taking my guide dog to PDX to Debi

What would I do with my guide dog for almost two months? Thankfully, my dear friend Debi had volunteered to care for her! It was so wonderful to know that she would be in incredible care while we were gone. Then, it was super exciting to learn that they planned to come to the finish line in St. Augustine, FL when we arrived April 27th!! So exciting. Then, after we returned home, I would fly to pick up Georgie from another friend in Portland. The many logistics and support to make this dream happen were coming together. So grateful. Today – March 3 I got on a plane with Georgie my guide dog to meet Debi at the airport. She was at the gate and we had lunch and enjoyed visiting before she departed with Georgie girl and I flew home with my cane in hand. I had my harness to return home and had some people ask me what happened to my dog! I definitely felt a little empty handed not having my dear guide of six years by my side.