Introductions – Our Team

Introductions – Becky sharing that we are so excited to start this bucket list item!

Friday we arrived to check in at the beautiful Ocean Villa across the street from the Beach / Pacific Ocean! Meetings started at 12 and we enjoyed learning a lot from Bubba and the staff of what is to come. We all introduced ourselves! Such an incredible group … Let’s do this!

Steve introducing in his red/white stripe shirt that has been a part of his wardrobe for years and so many travels!! Its tradition that it goes now!

Meeting everyone was fun as we introduced ourselves. Luckily we all wear bright safety vests with our names on the front and back every day so names weren’t a problem. We quickly found out we were the rookies of the group. They all have been riding week long and month long rides some for decades. They have ridden across the country and europe. A whole new cycling world has opened up. We are collecting info and are excited to enter this world of cycling the world. Everyone was very nice and excited to meet each other.